Welcome To Traverse Technologies


Traverse Technologies Design and Manufacture xDSL Router Products. All of our products 

are Designed for Linux with Open Source drivers fully integrated into the latest Linux kernels.


Typical applications for our Router products include :


  • ADSL2+ Routers
  • Firewall / Gateway / VPN
  • Multilink WAN
  • Bonded WAN
  • Loadsharing WAN
  • Redundant WAN
  • Network Storage and Caching


Our Primary Mission is to deliver hardware platforms to Software Developers, Systems Integrators and OEMs. Our x86 Router Products allow developers to easily migrate from PC to Embedded Architecture without code porting. Standard x86 Linux kernels run on our x86 Router Products, and all hardware drivers are integrated into the Modern 2.6 and 3.0 Kernels.